It has become almost a cliché to say that the youth are the future of any establishment, organisation or business and that to empower women is to empower society.

At NAFSEC, the talk is being translated into action. NAFSEC has taking bold steps in the development of youth, women and people living with disabilities.

The programme will train selected, qualifying youth, women and people living with disabilities as well as SMME operators in basic stipulated skills for a stipend.

It is truly a win-win situation because the empowered SMME and their owners are then able to grow and offer employment opportunities and gain much needed human resources for their businesses and learnerships while the youth get to be economically active and gain valuable experience.

Participants in the training programmes are paid a monthly stipend. The programme’s logistics are being finalised and the implementation will be a phased pilot. It is expected that it will start with youth in selected provinces and NAFSEC Member SMMEs.

The youth and women development programme is part of the outcomes from NAFSEC successful annual Strategic Planning Session which was held in Johannesburg earlier this year.

The Strategic Planning Session was attended by, among others Mr S.S. Skhosana who shared very insightful advice on not only NAFCOC’s Vision and Strategic Plan but also on how the sector affiliates need to align their own visions and strategies to the mother-body’s if we are to be effective as an organization.

One of the more memorable pieces of advice was on presentability and image, dress-code and appearance. Mr Skhosana used some pictures of NAFSEC to graphically and drive home the fact that professionalism and a well-groomed, formal image go hand-in-hand, especially for office-bearers.

Other than Mr Skhosana, the strategic planning session was attended by Nafsec president Ms Thandazile Khumalo, the Late Mr Naphtal Nzama, NAFSEC Deputy President and Mr Joseph Ntokwe, the North-West chairperson, Palesa Mbaxa; Mr Jabulani Khumalo (Gauteng) and Mr Gilbert Chabalala (Mpumalanga Chair).

Meanwhile, NAFSEC President Ms Khumalo has, in principle approved the piloting of ground- breaking and cuttingedge technology to be used on the back-end of the NAFSEC systems to bolt-on value-add services for members’ benefits in three exciting applications.

The NAFSEC Intelligent Member Database Value-add service (IMDB), which will offer registered members a myriad of exclusive tangible benefits like negotiated supplier-discounts, insurance rates and new-business opportunities 2. NAFSEC Service provider Database (SPDB) – innovative Important Government and other organisations’ Departments that members need to know of.