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While land reform remains at the centre of economic debates in the country, some township entrepreneurs like Lebo Ratema of the Rustenburg Property Investment Stokvel (RPIS), are not waiting around and ventilating on social media, they are pulling their resources together to buy land for commercial purposes.

Established in May 2018, the RPIS has already bought a small piece of land of R5m and is about 8.5 hectors. Within the hectors they are planning to build 400 units of different types to cater for clients.

Ratema has 13 years’ experience in property development and owns a property company called Silverwood Property Investments. She has brought together clients, friends, and family under one roof to get their buy-in to start investing in property.  

She told Khwebo online that the stokvel membership has grown to 90 members.

Ratema hopes to inculcate a different perspective to property investment in the townships. “Africa is rich and full of opportunities and we need to open our eyes and stop relying on the government. We can come together and form ideas. I love property and working with my own people. I see growth and potential in our own people.”

Membership of the stokvel works in the follow manner: A once off R500 membership fee. Then a member will buy a share into the stokvel based on three payment options. A single share sells for R198 000.00 and can be paid over: three years at R5 500.00 per month; four years is R4 125.00 pm; and five years is R3 300.00. In total all the money would sum up to R198 000.00, and does not accumulate interest over the payment period.

The 400 units will range between 60 square metres to 220 square metres.  

The stokvel is a means for Ratema to teach those who want to learn about property investment because of the cumbersome nature of breaking into the property industry. “This is me saying take my knowledge and everything that I’ve done and pave forward.”

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