Car spinning turns into business

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Filmmaker Pule Motloung saw how South Africans love car spinning after the great feedback he got about his movie which was about the culture of car spinning. “Spinning to me is more than a sport, it is the culture of our fellow people in the townships,” said Motloung

He decided to open Soweto Drift Academy next to Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg where he teaches people skills needed in order to participate in this sport.

His business model is centred around creating a pipeline of talented car spinners so that in the future, a sustainable industry where car-spinning professionals can showcase their talent to paying customers.

Part of his plans is to host events where people from all over South Africa will come to his venue and watch spinners from the Soweto Drift brand and others who have the skills to spin participate in the sport and entertain the crowd.

This academy also runs a programme called Spinna LeBeema Gal every year where they select a few girls and teach them how to spin for free then when they are ready, fans come and watch the girls showcase their skills on the event hosted by Motloung as they compete to see who the queen of spinning is.

There is also partnership from other companies that bring children under 16 years old where they learn how to ride bikes and they are slowly eased into understanding how to spin a car. The academy teaching children from the age of 16.

Motloung said: “We start teaching them at that age because at 16 it is safer because they can reach pedals, see what’s happening on the windscreen and can fully understand what they are being taught,” said Motloung.

He added: “Our cars have very strong engines and as a parent I wouldn’t want my ten-year-old to handle that much power”.

Motloung’s academy spinning courses cost R2500 for 90 minutes. Another course running over five days costs R7500 for one hour.

After a person completes the five-day course, they get a spinning license and a certificate which allows the holder to participate in other spinning shows. Motloung is planning to introduce an advanced driving course later on this year.

“The venue that we have still lacks few things like more cars to accommodate all our students, stands and a fence to cover the academy’s grounds, by having this we will be able to host more events. If we could get funding from the government, we stand a chance to be a self-sustainable business because there is a market out there for our business,” said Motloung.

“There is a bright future for the culture of car spinning, I would like to see people from other townships outside get on board and we will be more than glad to help them make this sport to grow,” Motloung added.

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